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Dino Valley Star Locations

I have some new posts coming with Dino Valley quests, but in the meantime, here’s a map with all the star locations in Dino Valley.  🙂

All the stars in Dino Valley

All the stars in Dino Valley


Halloween 2014 – Ghost Locations

I have found all 29 of the ghosts.  Since some of them are roaming ghosts, the locations where you find them may vary, but they will be in the general area listed.  If you wait in a spot where a roaming ghost has gone by, he will return and you can catch him.

2014 Ghost Spots

Harvest Counties
Jarlaheim Balcony
SE corner of Paddock Island
Behind the Pikes’ house, Ingun Cliff
Greendale Forest, by Goldspur mill
Forgotten Fields (roaming)
Inside the Tree House

Golden Hills Valley
Cape West Village (roaming)
Goldenleaves Woods (roaming within the Woods)
Jasper’s Well/Championship (roaming)
West boat pier
Goldenleaf Stables beach (roaming)
Smuggler’s den

Fort Pinta tower
Mrs. Holdsworth’s house
Moorland GED site
South of Silverglade Village, on West Jorvik Highway (roaming)
Silverglade Village (outside wall near Courtney’s house – roaming)
Manor Riding Ring
Manor Wine Cellar
North Link/Race Track (near GED trainee – roaming)
Inside Observatory
Hollow Woods/Summer House (roaming)
Valedale/Secret Stone Ring
Firgrove – Silverglade Mines
Apple Grove/Fire Trail (roaming)
Hills’ grave
On the road north of Moorland GED
Inside the Circus Tent
North Everwind Fields (roaming)

Getting Ready for the Midsummer Festival!